About the Utah Inland Port Authority

The Utah Inland Port Authority was created to pioneer and implement strategic and sustainable logistics-backed economic solutions that enhance the lives of Utahns, and establish Utah as a global industry connector.

We are the leading creator of future-focused economic development, transforming economies and communities across the state through innovative logistics practices.

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We maximize long-term economic benefits in Utah by developing and optimizing economic project areas and logistics-based infrastructure.
We move Utah forward. We aspire to transform Utah through multi-generational, logistics-based, economic solutions.




The Utah Inland Port Authority’s Board of Directors is comprised of representatives of various governmental entities and industry expertise, with five voting and three non-voting members appointed by the Governor of Utah, the Utah House of Representatives, and the Utah Senate. The board meets quarterly to help set policies, monitor progress and approve potential project areas and AIB loans.

Our commitment to transparency and accountability to the local community is the primary focus of the board’s governance standards. UIPA will report progress and performance regularly, and will proactively provide opportunities for stakeholder input to encourage public and private participation.