Strategic Business Plan

The Strategic Business Plan sets a course for the UIPA’s first five years of operation, establishing the financial parameters and outlining partnerships, policies, and programs to advance sustainable and smart logistics investment that benefits the entire state. The data-driven plan applies best practices and strategic initiatives to protect the environment and air quality, while advancing investments in infrastructure, industry, and trade.


Given the lasting and statewide significance of this undertaking, the UIPA utilized the best available data sources and analytical methods to estimate available funding, baseline conditions, and future scenarios.

Technical Appendix Sections

  • Population and Demographics
  • Logistics-Dependent Industries
  • Logistics and Trade
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Developments and Infrastructure
  • Property Tax Differential Forecast Assumptions
  • Scenario Modeling Documentation


Based on input from the Envision Utah public engagement process, policy-focused scenarios for the current jurisdictional area were developed and modeled to present a spectrum of plausible policy approaches. This conceptual exercise informed the development of the Strategic Business Plan.

The Strategic Business Plan is not intended to be a master development plan nor a listing of development projects. The UIPA will hold additional public engagement processes and board meetings to discuss specific development projects in which it proposes to participate.

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