Utah Inland Port Authority is proud to work with the following partners:

The Port of Long Beach and UIPA have partnered to reduce congestion and cost associated with cargo movement through the corridor from the West Coast and into Utah.

An additional, combined effort between the two organizations and Union Pacific Railroad is working to bring rapid relief to existing Port congestion.

Union Pacific Railroad is working with UIPA and the Port of Long Beach to enhance rail service between California and Utah through optimizing the existing on- and near-dock rail system of the POLB to reduce dwell times and improve the speed and consistency of rail deliveries through the corridor.

UIPA and the Port of Oakland are working together to improve the flow of cargo to and from the Northern California gateway and the Utah logistics system.

UIPA has partnered Utah State University’s Advancing Sustainability through Powered Infrastructure for Roadway Electrification (ASPIRE) Center to develop a freight logistics electrification project in the UIPA jurisdictional area.

The project will demonstrate charging systems with 5G communications, plug-in, static and dynamic wireless charging.

UIPA and Rocky Mountain Power have signed a Joint Clean Energy Cooperation Statement to create a sustainable energy supply within the UIPA jurisdictional area, including solar development within the boundary with a goal of making all power in the UIPA jurisdictional area from renewable sources.

Dominion Energy Utah and UIPA have signed a Joint Cooperation Statement aimed at reducing air pollution and improving energy efficiency within the UIPA jurisdictional area. The partnership will explore the use and development of innovative programs and technologies associated with natural gas development including renewable natural gas, alternative fuels and energy efficiency. 

Dominion Energy is also participating in the Project Beehive initiative with UIPA and other partners to develop, build and operate a renewable fueling station. Dominion Energy will supply the natural gas that will be converted to hydrogen, in addition to facilitating hydrogen production and distribution.

BayoTech will work to develop Project Beehive’s renewable fueling station within the UIPA jurisdictional area and can transport hydrogen to users through MicroPaks or bulk transportation, depending on need. BayoTech will also market and sell hydrogen to end users within the region and provide onsite distribution services based on demand.

Lancer Energy will work with other Project Beehive partners to engineer and construct the hydrogen fueling station and will operate and maintain the project after completion.

UIPA has worked as a planning partner with the Utah Division of Water Quality to make improvements to water quality through testing and monitoring in our jurisdictional area.

The Port Authority is also partnering with the Utah Division of Air Quality to monitor air quality in the jurisdictional area and create a baseline.

We are focused on developing sustainable water principles in and around the jurisdictional area.

We have partnered with Warehouse Exchange to facilitate filling under-utilized warehouse space across the state. Warehouse Exchange is an online platform where warehouse owners and operators can market their available space to companies who need storage and distribution.

Our agreement with SecūrSpace works to identify additional statewide locations for safe and secure truck parking. SecūrSpace is an online marketplace that connects trucking companies looking for truck and trailer secure parking and storage options to property owners with dedicated or excess capacity.