Central Utah Agri-Park

The Central Utah Agri-Park Project Area main objective is to create a better future for Utah’s family farms, economy, and food security. While the preliminary phases of this project are being supported by the Six County AOG, including Sanpete, Juab, Wayne, Millard, Piute and Sevier counties, this Agri-Park would benefit farmers and Utahns in every county in the state. This regional approach for strategic planning and growth could be duplicated in other regions, making the benefits of this project extend beyond the economics of one ag business zone. This area uniquely includes both rail and highway infrastructure that empower the production, processing, storage, and transportation of goods both within Utah and outside markets. This is a unique and collaborative project where multiple partners will be brought together to create the most benefit possible. Other partners to this Project Area include: the Six County AOG, Utah Department of Ag and Food, Utah Food Producer Groups, UDOT, Utah’s water agencies, federal and state land agencies, private sector entities, and many others. Project Area goals include meaningful rural economic development and responsible strategic infrastructure planning for growth, and food security.


On May 8, 2023, the Juab County Board of County Commissioners formally passed a resolution, supporting the creation of a Utah Inland Port Authority Project Area within Juab County.