Quick Facts

Utah Economic Stats

Logistics-dependent industries in Utah provide:

  • $26B earnings or 36% of wages
  • $647k jobs or 33% of workers
  • 36% state GDP or $60B

Trade Stats

  • Top goods traded include:
    • Parts and components used to manufacture electronics, machinery, medical equipment, and outdoor equipment
    • Basic materials such as chemicals, metals, and minerals
  • Top domestic trading partners are California, Nevada, Texas, Colorado, and Idaho
  • Top international trading partners are China, Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Peru
  • 80% of Utah’s international containers come through California
  • Top international containerized imports are outdoors and sporting equipment
  • Top international containerized exports are various agricultural raw goods (hay and alfalfa)
  • Cargo movement in Utah is expected to double by 2045

Infrastructure Stats

Utah has significant roadway, rail and airport infrastructure:

  • 937 miles of interstate highway, 112 miles of urban highways and 737 miles of rural highway
  • 1,351 miles of freight rail in operation by 8 railroads. Union Pacific is currently the state’s dominant railroad, operating 1,250 miles in the state
  • 8 airports service air cargo in Salt Lake City, Price, Moab, Cedar City, Logan-Cache, St. George, Vernal, and Wendover

Miscellaneous Stats

  • Every 100 rail cars take 300 truck trips off the road, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by an average of 75%
  • Utah was one of the first states to establish a Foreign Trade Zone in the 1970s