Satellite Ports

Utah’s inland port is not a place – it’s a system – and a system for all of Utah. By mapping the infrastructure assets that are available and identifying how they connect to each other, UIPA can effectively connect Utah’s goods to the west coast and Midwest.

UIPA plans to develop a system of rural connections or “satellite ports” that serve as nodes in the Utah logistics system. As part of the network, UIPA has split Utah into four regions based on transportation corridors throughout the state. Utilizing strong infrastructure already in place, counties working together as a region have a greater ability to transport goods and boost their respective economies.


The Utah Association of Counties is conducting a comprehensive analysis of possible areas throughout the state that could be developed as satellite port locations. Working with the Association of Governments, the first phase of this process includes screening logistics goods and movement assets to map cargo handling facilities. We are looking to move into the second phase and conduct market assessments on how potential locations fit into the overall statewide system.

Ideal satellite port conditions include:

  1. Infrastructure
  2. Cargo capture/cargo flow
  3. Political will
  4. Educated workforce
  5. Emerging markets

To be considered as a potential satellite location, contact Stephen Smith at or 385-977-3450.