Truck Parking Solutions

Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) is working to address a national issue that is particularly relevant within the Northwest Quadrant of Salt Lake County. Due to industrial development and growth over the last decade, unauthorized overnight truck parking frequently occurs on Salt Lake City side streets. Some of the more recent increases are directly related to consumer demand of e-commerce goods due to COVID-19. As consumers become more accustomed to fast, convenient home-delivery of goods, the growth in e-commerce and related freight activity is anticipated to increase in the region, which will in turn, exacerbate the truck parking and overnight idling issues that the region is already experiencing today.

Currently, there are few, if any, options for long-haul drivers to avoid idling to heat and cool the trucks as drivers take federally-mandated 9-hour breaks. This contributes to poor air quality and greenhouse gas emissions.

UIPA is working with landowners to build and operate two electrified truck parking facilities that will provide auxiliary power and fast charging infrastructure for future electric trucks. The result will be reduced emissions and congestion, as well as added safety for truck drivers, cargo, and our neighborhoods.

The proposed truck parking facilities will be owned and operated by the Utah Inland Port Authority, and provide safe and secure truck parking with full plug-in capabilities to serve on-board auxiliary power units (APU). Truckers will be able to find the facility, access space availability, and reserve parking spaces via both a web and mobile application. The planning for the facilities also includes infrastructure that will be able to power refrigeration units and electric trucks in the future. UIPA is working closely with Rocky Mountain Power to increase power supply to this sites.

UIPA is working with private sector partners and partner agencies to move this project forward within the next 12-18 months.