UIPA Values

The Utah Inland Port Authority's core values reinforce its strategic purpose to empower generational regional economic growth while maintaining its responsibility to the environment and local communities.

Generational Regional Economic Growth

Utilizing and implementing infrastructure as an enabler, not an end goal.

UIPA’s key objective is to maximize long-term economic benefits to the area, the region, and the state. UIPA is also dedicated to finding solutions for connecting domestic and global marketplaces. The development of a state-wide logistics plan will secure a strategic advantage for Utah-based shippers.

This plan integrates ideas into a holistic approach that will optimize grant opportunities, leverage alternative fuel initiatives, partner with domestic and international ports, facilitate digital infrastructure deployment, and develop workforce solutions.


Modernizing development to safeguard Utah's natural beauty and reduce risk.

Sustainability is at the heart of all UIPA’s partnerships, programs, and policies within the inland port’s jurisdictional area. UIPA is committed to realizing its sustainable development potential through coordination with public and private stakeholders in the region. The UIPA framework for sustainable development consists of green, resilient, and equitable themes, each with distinct objectives and dimensions.

  • Carbon Neutrality, Net Zero Emissions
  • Impact Assessments, Hazard Mitigation
  • Civic Participation, Environmental Justice


Improving Utah's quality of life by enhancing community livability.

As part of the goal to empower regional economies, the Utah Inland Port Authority recognizes the need for enhancing community livability. In collaborative and transparent fashion, these needs will be identified and included in planning where feasible.

Outside of planning, community needs as identified with local leadership can be targeted for focused improvement – specifically, housing and education initiatives that play an important role in sustainable community growth.