UIPA Values

The Utah Inland Port Authority's core values work together to reinforce its primary objective of empowering generational economic growth throughout the region, while maintaining our responsibility to Utah’s environment and local communities.

We are approachable connectors and enthusiastic partners, working jointly with communities, leaders, and businesses to build connections and facilitate measurable growth in the local economy and industry at large.


We are honest and reliable stewards, who approach our work with transparency and intentionally exercise responsibility on all levels (civic, environmental, fiscal). We maintain a high say-to-do ratio.


We are drivers of sustainable outcomes, both environmental and economic, as we modernize development to safeguard Utah's natural beauty. Our risk-reducing strategies improve overall quality of life for Utahns by enhancing community livability.


 We are equitable professionals and eager listeners, who treat everyone with fairness and impartiality. We seek and heed the opinions of all parties, and create the right solution based on the unique needs of the region and community.


We are action-oriented thought-leaders who will bring a measure of economic resilience to Utah and empower local and statewide growth. We stay on the forefront and make it happen—our “boots on the ground” mentality and productivity will enable the kind of future-focused logistics infrastructure that will transform Utah.