Utah Forward

We are leading the charge in developing forward-thinking, sustainable logistics solutions that not only spur economic growth but also significantly enhance the quality of life for Utahns.

With a clear vision of establishing Utah as a pivotal hub in global industry, we are dedicated to nurturing growth, championing sustainable progress worldwide, and employing innovative logistics strategies. Moreover, by collaborating with communities across the state, we are setting a foundation for positive generational impact, ensuring a brighter future for all Utah residents.

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As Utah's economy grows, logistics demands grow, and it's become imperative that we as a state, come together to sustainably support this momentum in our supply chain. 

We are committed to high standards of accountability, with respect for people, communities, the natural environment, and businesses, and we are ready to build a better Utah.

Watch: Finding Smart, Sustainable, Equitable Logistics Solutions

UIPA is committed not only to innovation, excellence, and transparency, our foundation is built upon 5 fundamental values:

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We are approachable connectors and enthusiastic partners, working jointly to facilitate growth.

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We are drivers of sustainable outcomes, both environmental and economic.

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We are equitable professionals and eager listeners, valuing openness, fairness, and impartiality.

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We are honest and reliable stewards of Utah’s environment, lifestyle, and economic future.

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We are action-oriented thought leaders on the forefront of industry technology.

Want to learn more about UIPA?

Whether you want to learn more, provide feedback, or get involved, we’ll direct your inquiry to our friendly and knowledgeable team. Either through our website, or our social media channels, please don't hesitate to contact us. We value your input and interest and strive to provide the best possible correspondence with our community.


Media Requests

For press/media inquiries, please contact:
Kaitlin Felsted, Marketing and Communications Director @ [email protected]