Mineral Mountains

With four distinct zones the Mineral Mountains Inland Port will provide for a wider pool of resources that exist across Beaver County. The Milford Valley & City Center zones will be central hubs for fueling, logistics, and emerging industry growth. The Beaver City zone is suited to trucking logistics as its anchor point is nearest Interstate 15 and falls directly between Salt Lake City, Utah and Las Vegas, Nevada. The Minersville zone will provide the link between the Milford Valley, and Beaver Valley and addresses the change and shift into agri-tech models of economic development. Each zone will work independently as a piece of the larger project area but will be unified by the need for growth and facilitate the expansion of the anticipated economic development.


The following municipalities and counties entered into resolutions supporting the creation of the project area:

  • Beaver County: April 18, 2023
  • Milford City: May 16, 2023
  • Beaver City: August 29, 2023


Testimonials from local leadership

Nolan Davis, Milford City Mayor

Tammy Pearson, Beaver County Commissioner

Colette Cox, Outreach Manager, Office of Economic Opportunity

Brandon Yardley, Beaver County Commissioner