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Welcome to NWQ, a dynamic hub at the crossroads of major highways and rail lines, offering unmatched business access and growth potential.

In this fast-growing metropolitan area, businesses benefit from proximity to a skilled workforce, educational institutions, and a business-friendly environment with green initiatives. Additionally, our robust public financing tools, such as Authority Infrastructure funding, Bank Loans,
Project Area Incentives, Tax Differential, and Reinvestment opportunities, provide financial support for development and growth.

The NWQ combines thriving business opportunities with Salt Lake City's high quality of life, including outdoor recreation and cultural richness.

Explore the potential where opportunity and lifestyle converge in the NWQ.


This map provides an overview of our inland port project area, a prime location for businesses seeking multi-modal transportation options and infrastructure-ready sites. 


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The site is flanked by major Interstate Highways including I-80, I-215, and I-15. Their presence ensures rapid road connectivity to wider regions, making it an attractive proposition for businesses that require frequent and fast road transportation.

Arterial Access

The Major Arterial Roads, depicted in purple, provide crucial internal connectivity. They ensure seamless movement within the larger port area, facilitating faster transfers between different sections of the port.

Rail Advantage

With integrated Railroads, businesses can benefit from heavy goods movement, enabling efficient transportation over longer distances.

Ready Infrastructure

Parts of the area are already equipped with Existing Infrastructure, highlighted in light blue. This means reduced setup times and potentially lower initial capital expenditures for your operations.

Clear Demarcations

The Inland Port Boundary provides a clear indication of the port's expanse, ensuring clarity for planning and operations.

Sustainability Commitment

Our project emphasizes environmental responsibility. The designated Natural Area ensures preservation of local ecosystems, and the Eco-Industrial Buffer zones are tailored to blend industrial activity with eco-friendly practices.

Airport Proximity

The proximity to the Salt Lake City International Airport cannot be overstated. Immediate access to air cargo options could be a significant advantage for businesses that require rapid international or domestic air shipments.
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Join UIPA in shaping the future of commerce, manufacturing, technology and innovation in Utah.

For information about the NWQ, contact:

Stephen Smith, Associate Vice President & Regional Project Area Development UIPA | p 385-977-3450