We are moving Utah Forward. What’s your next move?

Is your business looking for a strategically connected location to put down roots, produce, manufacture, store, and easily ship goods regionally, and globally?

Join a UIPA project area to promote economic prosperity, build community, grow your business,and continue
to move Utah, forward.

What is a UIPA Project Area?

Located throughout the entire state of Utah, UIPA project areas are vibrant and strategically planned zones, created to be a catalysts for economic growth and innovation.

They are places where businesses can tap into rich ecosystems of resources, infrastructure, and support, offered by the Utah Inland Port Authority and their surrounding communities.

By choosing a UIPA project area to start or advance your business, you're aligning with a forward-thinking community, committed to driving progress and hungry for success.

The 4 part process we follow
when establishing a UIPA project area

The Utah Inland Port Authority works in partnership with municipalities and counties throughout the project area process.

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1. Resolve

A municipality or county can request UIPA commence work on drafting a project area plan. The municipality or county adopts a project area resolution in a public meeting.

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2. Draft

UIPA staff work with the municipality or county to develop a project area plan or amend a project area plan for the UIPA board to review in at least 2 public UIPA board meetings.

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3. Adopt

The UIPA board may adopt a project area or project area amendment in a public meeting.

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4. Build & Measure

This phase will take 25 years to complete. During this phase, construction, development, and recruitment will occur in the project area. Project area budgets are annually prepared and adopted by the UIPA board. In addition, project area KPIs are reported and shared.