Logistics touches us all. It is the lifeblood of commerce, progress, and creation.

As the great beehive State of Utah is buzzing, growing, and developing, it is essential to have a strong organization in place to ensure we have the critical infrastructure needed to support our exponential economic growth.

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Why are we here?

UIPA was created to lead and implement sustainable logistics solutions that not only meet the needs of our growing population, but also protect our precious natural resources.

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Who is the UIPA?

We are a team, working together with the goal of promoting improved accessibility, opportunity, connectivity, health, safety, and the thoughtful integration and protection of natural spaces.

Our team is made of:

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As we develop structures and systems to support the movement of critical goods from one place to another, such as: transportation networks, warehouses, distribution centers and delivery systems, UIPA is also working closely with local communities investing in educational opportunities and training programs, job creation, and helping to build a strong, sustainable economy that benefits everyone.

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We’ve developed a plan to align our resources and decisions with our overall strategic direction.

From 2023 to 2027, this framework outlines our objective to implement and utilize new infrastructure to support sustainable economic development.

The strategic plan and its 6 main goals:

This plan will serve as a roadmap to our commitment to meeting statutory requirements, help identify potential risks and challenges and ensure that our resources such as funding, land, transportation providers, residents, and materials, are being used effectively, efficiently, and responsibly. In addition to resources, this plan will stand as our oath to transparency and consideration to the concerns and input of all stakeholders, businesses, communities and living entities that are in any way, impacted by our goals.


Creating generational regional economic growth and empowerment


Establishing Utah as a leading, global trade logistics hub


Advancing sustainable and smart supply chains


Being responsible stewards of the environment and local communities


Effectively managing UIPA resources


Always being transparent

The statutory duties of the UIPA Strategic Plan

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Maximize long-term economic benefits for Utah

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Prioritize the creation of high- quality jobs

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Respect and maintain the natural environment of project areas

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Improve air quality and minimize resource use

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Respect the existing use of the land

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Promote land use that compliments the existing environment

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Benefit from proximity to transportation and other on-site features

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Encourage sustainable development in all project areas

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Develop leading-edge, reduced emissions logistics that support continued growth of the state’s economy which will:

1: Promote Utah as the global center of efficient and sustainable supply chain logistics
2: Facilitate the efficient movement of goods by road, rail, and air
3: Benefit the commercial viability of developers, landowners, tenants, and users
4: Attract capital and expertise to secure the next generation of logistics solutions

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Paving the road for the long haul.

UIPA is not only working to move Utah forward, but we are also ensuring that the groundwork we establish has longevity, and can support sustainable growth for generations to come.

We call this: "Generational Regional Economic Growth”

Our Core Objectives to Achieving Generational Regional Economic Growth:

1: Regional Economic Empowerment

Leveraging opportunities with local municipalities, governmental entities, and interested stake holders to maximize the creation of high-quality jobs and training by developing:

-  Regional Projects
-  Project Area Master Plans
-  Regional Logistics Projects
-  Regional Industries
-  Strategic Financing Plans

2: Solutions to Connect to Domestic & Global Marketplaces

Develop strategic advantage plans and build relationships, aimed at supporting long term economic sustainability for Utah-based shippers.

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Come in, our door is always open

As part of our effort to be sustainable, the UIPA is 100% committed to transparency and accountability to the local community. By regularly reporting progress and performance, creating opportunities for all stakeholders to provide input, and encouraging both private and public parties to participate and collaborate, we stand by our commitment to honesty.

3 ways we provide transparency:

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Open Door Policy

We regularly meet with public and private stakeholders

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Interactive Media

We provide public assets such as newsletters, meeting notes, and social media to share information, and offer a platform for open communication

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Public Meetings

We hold public meetings to obtain community feedback and make decisions on various local initiatives