Elevate Unveils State-of-the-Art Sustainable Facility in Utah Inland Port Project Area

In a significant advancement for sustainable manufacturing, Elevate–a premier line of commercial roofing and lining systems and a part of the Holcim family– has launched a new 650,000 square-foot facility located within the strategic Utah Inland Port’s Northwest Quadrant Project Area. 

This development is not just a leap forward in eco-friendly building practices but also aligns seamlessly with Salt Lake City’s environmental and economic objectives.

The facility, which has earned LEED certification, exemplifies Elevate’s commitment to sustainable construction and innovation. By utilizing products like FortiCem® from Holcim’s ECOPlanet™ low-carbon cement portfolio, the plant is setting a new local benchmark for reducing carbon emissions in construction materials.

“The Elevate team is thrilled to expand our presence in the West. We are dedicated to pioneering the building materials industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future,” said Russell Williams, Vice President of Operations, Holcim’s Building Envelope division. “Our newest facility is a testament to that commitment, significantly enhancing our capabilities to serve our customers in the Western U.S. market while also caring for our community and environment.”

The location of the facility at a freight rail stop integrates it into a more extensive network that promotes reduced road traffic and emissions. This strategic placement allows for the use of rail transport, which can significantly decrease the number of trucks on the road, thus contributing to lower local traffic and pollution levels.

“Elevate’s new facility is a cornerstone in our efforts to integrate sustainable practices within the Port’s operations,” said Ben Hart, executive director of UIPA. “Their commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship not only enhances our logistics capabilities but also supports our vision for a more sustainable and economically robust community.”

Additionally, the new plant’s features include high-efficiency HVAC systems, flow control plumbing fixtures, and provisions for future solar panel installation on its roof, emphasizing the company’s focus on energy conservation and sustainable practices.

Elevate’s partnership with the Utah Inland Port Authority and various local stakeholders underlines a shared commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship.