Utah Inland Port Authority Statement Regarding Board of Directors Resolution 2022-01

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Utah Inland Port Authority (UIPA) is engaged in negotiations to acquire the subject property at 5600 West 6 South in Salt Lake City, Utah, from Suburban Land Reserve, Inc. (SLR), in order to fulfill the State’s public purpose and enhance rail movement. The property is strategically vital to the enhancement of the logistics network which is a fundamental mission of UIPA.

UIPA intends to take all steps necessary to ensure that the property is appropriated to meet this public use. This acquisition will help relieve congestion and ensure long-term rail service within the Port Authority jurisdiction. Equally important, this action will enhance rail movement through west Salt Lake City and de-conflict at-grade crossings which is a critical need for the surrounding community.

Shortline rail is critical for the last mile of rail service. The Utah Inland Port Authority and Patriot Rail have been and will continue to work together to enhance and expand rail service within the jurisdiction. UIPA’s acquisition of this property supports its public purpose and will allow Patriot Rail to expand operations and facilities within the UIPA jurisdiction.


About the Utah Inland Port Authority

The Utah Inland Port Authority is a multimodal logistics agency with a regional approach to increase utilization and expand access to commerce throughout Utah. UIPA improves logistics infrastructure within the statewide system through high-speed broadband and zero emissions tech to revolutionize how logistics are done. One-third of Utah’s GDP, employment, and incomes are dependent on the logistics system.