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Opinion: Freight rail fuels Utah’s growth, sustainability and innovation

February 21, 2024
To meet our economic and environmental goals, Utah will need all its transportation systems to be robust, reliable and responsible.

OPINION: Labor Scarcity Is a Bottleneck That’s Here to Stay

November 02, 2022
Transportation and raw material costs are only part of the puzzle. The bigger challenge to fixing the US supply chain is finding skilled workers.

It’s Time For Retailers To Take Back Control Of Their Supply Chains. Here’s How.

August 30, 2022
The pandemic completely upended retailers’ supply chains, and the repercussions are just as prevalent as ever.

Here’s what the supply chain will look like for the rest of the summer

July 15, 2022
Consumers and businesses will continue to experience supply chain disruptions but they won’t last forever

Opinion: The inland port is poised to help Utah grow smarter

March 08, 2022
Utah will continue to grow with or without our ‘permission.’ The question is — how will it grow? Why not be smarter, more strategic, and more deliberate about it?

Opinion: Can Utah help solve the supply chain crisis?

December 10, 2021
The controversial but needed Utah Inland Port can enhance manufacturing in Utah and other Western states, promising to handle exports and imports more efficiently The nation faces a serious supply chain problem just as the holiday shopping season starts. Can Utah provide some help to solve this and other economic problems?

Opinion: ‘Pushing too much stuff through too small a pipe’ means it’s time to build an inland port

November 02, 2021
With cargo ships stacked up off the coast of California, the Utah Inland Port can serve the state well, providing it keeps promises about being environmentally responsible By any objective measure, Utah picked a good time to invest in an inland port. As cargo ships continue to stack up off ports in Southern California, the need to alleviate pressure through rail to

Commentary: There are solutions for the supply chain crisis

November 02, 2021
Utah Inland Port Authority is part of the answer to the delays in moving goods. Utah is known as the “Crossroads of the West” due to its central location and unique Golden Spike history. The convergence of an international airport, interconnecting interstate highways and an intermodal railroad create an unparalleled geographic positioning to become an epicenter of the global supply

Opinion: Utah’s inland port will shorten supply chains, ease flow of goods

October 28, 2021
The logjam at California seaports impacts Utah every day. To say it plainly: We are trying to shove too much stuff through a too small pipe You’ve seen the recent headlines: President Biden talking about 24/7 port schedules, doing Christmas shopping early this year before the shelves are empty, UDOT improving 5600 West in Salt Lake City … the list goes

Commentary: The Utah Inland Port has great promise – despite strong opposition

September 16, 2021
The Utah Inland Port is touted as one of Utah’s biggest economic development opportunities in the state’s history. Supporters promise good jobs in a variety of businesses and industries and environmental improvement in transportation and supply chain delivery and logistics…