West Weber

The West Weber Project Area is a proposed industrial development on the eastern shores of the Great Salt Lake near the area known as Little Mountain. 

The project area totals 9,000 acres and  is located entirely within the boundaries of Weber County. This Project Area enjoys a very strategic location with access to: Interstate 15, Interstate 84, US Highway 89, Union Pacific rail, and a nearby regional airport. This is also a future site for a connection with the West Davis Corridor.

Given the proximity to the Great Salt Lake and the presence of wetlands, a wetlands strategy has been established to ensure their protection.



On September 12, 2023, the Weber County Commission formally passed a resolution consenting to and requested the establishment of a UIPA Project Area within the boundaries of Weber County. On January 2, 2023 the Weber County Commission passed a resolution, which amended the proposed boundary adding an additional 8,658 acres bringing the total acreage of the project area to 9,000 acres.


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