Central Utah

Welcome to the Central Utah Agri-Park, a pioneering agricultural hub in Central Utah, located in Juab County to support agribusiness and other development in Sanpete, Juab, Wayne, Millard, Piute, and Sevier Counties. Supported by the Six County Association of Governments, the park offers state-of-the-art infrastructure for diverse agricultural activities.

Committed to sustainable practices and community development, it's an ideal environment for businesses aiming to grow or establish in agriculture. Join a community that values progress, sustainability, and economic growth, shaping the future of agriculture in Central Utah.

The Central Utah Agri-Park is not only rich in agricultural resources but also boasts superior access to essential logistics. Located near key highways and rail lines, it can ensure efficient transportation for products and supplies. This connectivity is crucial for businesses seeking timely and cost-effective distribution, both regionally and nationally. The park's strategic location thus positions it as a prime destination for businesses aiming to leverage both the rich agricultural setting and the logistical advantages.



On May 8, 2023, the Juab County Board of County Commissioners formally passed a resolution, supporting the creation of a Utah Inland Port Authority Project Area within Juab County. 


Businesses in Project Area

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