Iron Springs

Discover a transformative opportunity in Iron County, Utah - the Iron Springs Inland Port Project Area. With 899 acres of prime land, this strategic hub, aligned with UIPA objectives, promises to revolutionize economic growth and development, supported by local authorities.

We are committed to high standards of accountability, with respect for people, communities, the natural environment, and businesses, and we are ready to build a better Utah.



Breathtaking views, world-class skiing, and an increasingly diverse population make Utah an exceptional place to call home. A favorable tax climate, educated workforce, and logistics-based infrastructure make it an even better place to do business.


Business-Friendly Environment

Iron County welcomes businesses with open arms, offering a young, educated workforce and minimal regulatory hurdles. It's the ideal place for startups and expansions.

Incentives and Sustainability

Enjoy attractive incentives, such as post-performance rebates based on capital investment, prioritizing sustainable, low-water-usage, high-wage industries. The Cedar City Chamber of Commerce and local government incentives stand ready to support your business.


Iron County's stunning landscapes, from Kolob Canyons to Brian Head ski resort and national parks, offer recreational opportunities for employees and a thriving tourism industry.

Skilled Workforce

Home to Southern Utah University, Iron County provides a well-educated talent pool tailored to the needs of local industries. The average age in Iron County is just 29.3 years, compared to Utah’s average age of 31.1 and 38.1 years is the national average. Education-wise, 93 percent of those over age 25 are high school graduates and 34% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Economic Diversity

With sectors like manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare, and technology, Iron County ensures resilience in the face of economic fluctuations and a wide range of opportunities.

Iron County has the most diverse economy of all of Utah’s 25 rural counties. Nearly one in ten jobs here are related to manufacturing.

Quality of Life

Iron County boasts a vibrant economy and a high quality of life, highlighted by its access to world-class outdoor activities in Zion National Park and Brian Head Ski Resort, and a strong educational foundation with Southern Utah University. This unique combination of natural beauty, recreational opportunities, and educational excellence presents an attractive proposition for businesses seeking a dynamic and supportive environment for growth.

Proximity to Markets

Iron County is accessible to 48 million people or 86.5% of the western metropolitan population within one day’s trucking. This includes Los Angeles, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, Denver, etc.

Regional Air Service

Cedar City Regional Airport serves as a key gateway to Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks, offering global connectivity. It hosts Southern Utah University's flight school, known for having the largest collegiate helicopter fleet. Additionally, it features on Alpine Air's cargo route linking St. George and Salt Lake City.

Growing Population

In the past decade, Iron County’s population has increased by nearly 42%. For the past few years, the annual population increase is around 4% per year, as new industry and new employment opportunities have allowed more young people to remain here after graduation, plus net migration is responsible for nearly 80% of recent growth.



Join UIPA in shaping the future of commerce, manufacturing, technology and innovation in Utah.

For information about Iron Springs, contact:

Danny Stewart, Associate Vice President &

Regional Project Area Development UIPA

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