Blog: International Shipping and Logistics Crisis: A View from the Top

…Yesterday I attended a World Trade Center Utah (WTCU) board meeting with the who’s who of international business leaders in Utah. Though it is remarkable to have so many leaders engaged in this way, it is also par for the course in Utah. But the keynote speaker at yesterday’s meeting illustrates Utah at its best.

U.S. Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) Commissioner Carl Bentzel traveled from Washington, D.C. to help Utah continue to try to solve the global shipping crisis…

I will be watching and participating in this process. Utahns have never shrunk away from a tough situation, and I was heartened to see so many intelligent and service-minded people coming together to try to reduce the impact of the international shipping and logistics crisis. This type of bipartisan industry leadership and dedicated thought leadership will be important as other inland states try to address their own companies’ shipping issues. I can confidently say that any business and government leaders who want to visit Utah to sit down with elected officials, WTCU, or the UIPA will receive a warm welcome.