FMC Commissioner Bentzel’s grade on US logistics system: D-plus

The current supply chain crisis will be the subject of a series of hearings led by Federal Maritime Commissioner Carl Bentzel beginning on Tuesday when the FMC will begin laying the framework. The meetings will be with industry and public partners on maritime data infrastructure. Meetings with specific port participants begin next week.

In an exclusive interview, Bentzel tells American Shipper that to resolve the current supply chain crisis, not only is new physical infrastructure needed but also 21st century data infrastructure to manage the nation’s supply chain…

“I am a fan of inland ports. I recently was in Salt Lake City, meeting with the state and Inland Port of Utah about their plan. Our major intermodal gateway ports are in heavily congested urban areas where they are very limited in developing more space. However, expedited on-dock rail to inland port destinations with less congestion, and room to grow, is something larger gateways ports are already doing…”